Diversity Makes Business Sense


Percent of companies that are highly committed to gender diversity, compared to 56% in 2012.

Source: McKinsey, Women in the Workplace, 2019


Boost in revenue due to innovation for companies that reported above-average diversity on their management teams.

Source: BCG, 2018


Companies in the top quartile for ethnic and cultural diversity were 36% more profitable compared to those in the bottom quartile in 2019.

Source: McKinsey, Diversity Wins: How inclusion matters, 2020


Advancing diversity, one leader at a time.


Our vision is to achieve equality and inclusion in the workplace by empowering leaders of all backgrounds through executive & career coaching, Sponsorship-driven leadership development, virtual workshops, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategy.


With multiple programs to choose from, our Tenshey Coaches will help you map the path to your dream goals. Use our Tenshey tech platform to schedule sessions, track progress, and maintain personal development notes with our coaches who have worked with startups, Fortune 500s, and everyone in between.


Women with a Sponsor are 50% more likely to aspire to be senior executives themselves. We work with organizations to customize Sponsorship programs to accelerate their diverse leadership pipelines.


Our Virtual Workshops are designed to empower teams to deepen their trust, build stronger team connections, and improve overall team performance, satisfaction, and perseverance, leading to team wins.


Our DEI approach focuses on Discovering the challenges and opportunities in your organization, Engaging with employees to equip them with knowledge and best practices, and Ingraining new frameworks that will allow DEI to be established as part of your organization’s DNA.
“Working with my coach has helped me in getting to the seams of the structure and getting to the solutions on my own. It’s like playing chess on multiple levels.”

Asha George
VP, Diversity & Inclusion, Dell Technologies
Tenshey Boost Coaching Member

“Coaching helped me become a better leader within an organization, but it also helped me look at that next step in my career. I’ve gotten a ton of tools that I can use on a daily basis.”

Nicolette Zaayman
Director CX and EX Advocacy and Communications,
Lumen Technologies
Tenshey Transform Coaching Member

“My coach challenges me to see the bigger picture. She helps me realize my potential in my current position and to see the possibilities of where my career could go from here. My confidence has grown. I believe in the value I provide to my organization and have made incredible strides in overcoming my imposter syndrome. I could not have done that on my own – and these are wins for me and my company.”

Michele Scola Foote
Gender Development Lead, Global Diversity & Inclusion
Dell Technologies
Tenshey Sprint Coaching Member

“It is a mission of the company to get more diversified talent into leadership and this level of coaching is going to be critical. It’s a priority to promote within and Tenshey coaching can truly help prepare people for those roles.”

Mor Cohen-Tal
Chief Technology Officer, Cloud, Turbonomic
Tenshey Sprint Coaching Member

“During our partnership with Tenshey, I was able to see diverse talent exercise their leadership voices and witness significant growth in the confidence they have in themselves. As a group, they exercised shared leadership and took full advantage of their own diversity to have influence and impact.”

Brent Wilkinson
Chief People Officer


Highly inclusive organizations are 120% more capable of meeting financial targets and generate 1.4 times more revenue.
Source: Bersin by Deloitte’s 2017 Predictions


Tenshey was founded by Maggie Chan Jones, the first female Global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of SAP and named one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes. Maggie realized that her ascension to the C-suite in the male-dominated tech industry was rare and shouldn’t be. Tenshey’s mission is to change that. Members benefit from Maggie’s experiences in the C-suite and Boardroom, her team of personally selected, certified executive coaches, and Team Tenshey’s customer-centric approach.

To advance diverse leaders in business and enhance organizational commitment to diversity & inclusion, Tenshey offers experiential coaching programs and workshops, advises organizations on DEI strategies, and unleashes the power of Sponsorship as an industry disruptor.

Maggie Chan Jones, CEO & Founder

The Tenshey Methodology

Our coaching programs are designed to create a strong, confident, and empowered pipeline of diverse leaders.

1. Input

Tell us about your leadership goals, opportunities, and challenges.

2. Matching

We’ll match you with your coach based on chemistry calls with two coaches to ensure a good fit.

3. Coaching

Set goals, strengthen communication & leadership skills, and identify blind spots throughout your journey.

4. Results

Accelerate your leadership development and your ultimate roadmap to success.

Expert Coaches:

Our coaches have worked with startups, Fortune 500s and everyone in between. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk and have proven success in helping some of today’s most influential thought leaders grow personally and professionally.