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As an executive sponsor of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in the CEO Board Area while at SAP, Maggie’s passion for the topic was impressive. She doesn’t just talk, she takes action.  Maggie was a role model across D&I initiatives, especially around gender diversity.  She was instrumental in the creation of an innovative women sponsorship pilot program within Marketing that opened many doors to the next generation of female leaders.

Stefan Ries  Member of the Executive Board of SAP SE, Chief Human Resources Officer

Maggie is a true leader, intellectual and pioneering visionary with a strong dedication to developing talent and paving the way for women in the IT industry. Her approachability sets her apart from other executives- Maggie made it a priority to spend time with every employee on a regular basis, building peer relationships and driving tremendous success. By doing so she inspired us all to become the well-oiled, successful team she knew we could be.

Nicolette Zaayman  Director of Strategic Marketing, Zayo Group

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Maggie during her time at both Microsoft and SAP. She is passionate about helping others grow, and she helped change the course of my career path with the introduction of an executive coaching program that enabled me to be a stronger, more dynamic leader. This was a truly empowering, invaluable experience and one I still benefit from to this day.

Penny Delgadillo Valencia  Global Head of Partnership Marketing at PayPal

You know you are in the presence of something awesome when over the course of a year your department not only grows, but they learn, expand, and continue to become trailblazers for the company. Maggie’s guidance, professionalism, expertise and leadership are a pleasure to work with and the main reason I am where I am today.

Meghan Wilkinson  Director of Business Operations, CenturyLink

Maggie is an exceptional business leader and manager. She exudes the type of leadership that drives and changes teams and organizations. Her leadership style provides incredible empowerment and opportunity to grow, a recipe for building a high performing team in one of the most challenging and dynamic businesses. Maggie's passion, vision and hard work combined with the dedication for her team make her not only an outstanding leader but also a role model.

Bogdan Grigore  Vice President of Global Marketing, SAP

Having worked closely with Maggie for three years across global and EMEA leadership roles, I can wholeheartedly say that she successfully integrates diversity and inclusivity as part of business imperatives from the top leadership team to employees on the frontline.  Our customer, partner, influencer and employee demographic is diverse, and ensuring our team reflected that diversity was always one of Maggie’s main priorities.  Maggie implemented leadership teambuilding workshops that brought us all together as one team, yielding a positive, more productive and extremely rewarding workplace culture.

Sian Smith  Senior Vice President, Global Field & Demand Marketing at Workday

I've explored a few executive coaching companies now and I really appreciate how Tenshey has taken me under their wing to make sure I have a successful coaching experience.

Alicia Suessmith  VP of People Operations at Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations