Our Services

Tenshey is a tech-enabled company on a mission to achieve equality in the workplace through Executive Coaching, Experiential Sponsorship Programs, Virtual Workshops, and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategies.


Coming from careers in Tech, Marketing & Advertising, Financial Services, Human Resources, Consulting, Energy, Insurance, and Healthcare, our Tenshey coaches are there to equip you with the right resources to clarify your professional strengths and help guide you toward your career North Star.

Explore allows leaders the opportunity to reflect, grow, and experience the power of executive coaching without a long-term commitment.
Sprint begins with a manager-alignment discussion and leverages Sponsorship to define measurable goals for personal and professional development that are essential to career growth.
Transform is designed for leaders looking to strengthen their authentic leadership voice, increase personal brand awareness, and build a clear plan of action for development with an executive coach as their trusted thinking partner.
Boost is designed for leaders who have had experience with coaching and want to continue to have an executive coach as part of their personal board of directors, providing inspirational support for envisioning the “bigger picture” in your leadership roles.


Honesty, transparency and trust are the most important factors in the coach- client relationship. The discussions with your Tenshey coach are kept 100% confidential between the two of you. Only when you have agreed to share information such as your career aspirations, development areas and progress, would they be shared with the appropriate parties.


Sponsorship from senior leaders opens doors by bolstering visibility, advocacy, and networks for high-potential diverse leaders in your talent pipeline. We provide programmatic support to cultivate a culture of Sponsorship across teams and companies. You and your employees will have access to our Tenshey tech platform which keeps track of all program members’ progress and provides data-driven insights to demonstrate results.


Our Virtual Workshops are designed to empower teams to deepen their trust, build stronger connections, and improve overall performance, satisfaction, and perseverance, ultimately improving upon an environment that leads to team wins.


Our multi-phase approach to building and implementing custom DEI strategies focuses on Discovering the challenges and opportunities in your organization, Engaging with employees to equip them with knowledge and best practices, and Ingraining new frameworks that will allow DEI to be established as part of your organization’s DNA.


Assessing challenges, problems, and opportunities within existing company culture.


Based on the results, our team will upskill your employees with the knowledge and practices to maintain an inclusive work environment.


Based on the results, our team will work with you to design and implement the frameworks which allow D&I to be established as part of your organization’s DNA.