by Janet Tong, Tenshey Intern

From the start of my interview with Tenshey, I knew this company was special. “What are your superpowers?” was one of the first questions I was asked by the Founder and CEO of Tenshey, Maggie Chan Jones. I told her “I’m a strong observer.” After the interview ended, I still reflected and pondered, what were my superpowers?

“What are your superpowers?”

I have been part of the Tenshey family as a Research and Content Development Intern for the past nine months. Tenshey, Inc. is a tech-enabled startup with a mission to advance gender diversity and leadership development through executive coaching. This meaningful mission as a young female professional inspired me to take on my first summer internship with the company. My time with the Tenshey family has been an empowering and enlightening journey.

From Day 1, I was challenged to take on responsibilities and projects outside of my comfort zone. I remember on-boarding and the first e-mail I received was my first project, which was to write a white paper on coaching. With no experience or idea on either how to write a white paper or coaching, I knew this was a great learning environment that challenged me to take on new tasks. Tenshey allowed me to witness my efforts to translate into real results.

In fact, throughout my time with Tenshey, I have expanded beyond research, market analyses into social media, strategy development, financial modeling and business development, and soon even more will be added to my list of opportunities. These were fields and divisions in businesses I would have never had the chance to interact with on a daily basis. This is all because of the flexibility and supportive environment within Tenshey’s culture.

Quarterly, I would have career development conversations with the founder of Tenshey and other supervisors to ensure I was continuously learning and being challenged. Tenshey’s culture inspires me and everyone on the team to continuously have a growth mindset. I have the opportunity to continuously take on new projects in a culture that encourages you to do so. Every quarterly check-in with my supervisors was another project that would allow me to strengthen or build my superpowers. With each conversation, I found out what I should continue to do on my job and what I should stop doing. This direct feedback helped me learn about the habits, behaviors, and talents I did not realize about myself. Prior to joining Tenshey, I was a keen observer, but now, I have acquired analytical skills where I utilize this power to make a strong impact on our Tenshey community and clients.

My time at Tenshey helped me realize the impact of teamwork and communication, as we encourage, guide, and collaborate with one another to complete different projects on a daily basis.

The past nine months with Tenshey has really helped me discover my own strengths, develop new abilities and know how to become a better leader for myself and for others. I gained insight into the coaching industry, an industry I never thought of stepping foot into.

And so, as I continue to grow professionally and take on new challenges as you read this, these are a few key takeaways with my time at Tenshey so far:


  1. You don’t have to know everything, but you should have a “want to learn everything” attitude.
    Every project I took on, I had no prior experience in. But what is important is to be willing to step out of your own comfort zone. From white papers to financial modeling, these projects trained me to become a better thinker, contributor, and leader.
  1. Your contributions and ideas, whether right or wrong, accepted or rejected is important to the team.
    On our weekly team meetings, I was afraid to contribute ideas that could end up being rejected. I remember I suggested implementing surveys as a way of measuring feedback and it ended up being rejected because it was not the best tool of measurement for the specific project. To my surprise, I did not take this rejection as defeat or embarrassment. Instead, it motivated me to come up with better strategies and ideas. This is all due to the encouragement and feedback I received to continue to improve upon myself. I believe this is the advantage of being part of a startup like Tenshey, where every feedback I received, I became a smarter and more experienced young professional.
  1. Use every project and interaction with your team members to figure out what you truly enjoy and career you want to venture into.
    This is what an internship is for. Internships are a place for you to grow, make mistakes, become a better version of yourself than you were when you first started the job, and most importantly find your pursuit of happiness within your career. Whether you are clueless about your future career or you are already certain, the different projects you are assigned may be a magical revelation. It can help you gain insight into tasks you dislike and miraculously unveil a new interest or career path.


My internship with Tenshey is an unforgettable experience where I continue to witness the power of women supporting other women and leadership development. I am proud to say that I have grown to be a stronger leader as a result of my time with the company and I continue to look forward to my transformation with our team. Tenshey inspires me to use my strengths to encourage and empower other young professionals in the future generations.

Tenshey currently has internship opportunities open and so, if you are planning to venture into an environment of leadership development and teamwork, apply here!