Pronounced as “ten-shi”
(means “angels” in Japanese)

Our Story

Our Founder & CEO Maggie Chan Jones was the first female CMO of SAP and was recently named one of the world’s most influential CMOs by Forbes. 

As a woman of color, she realized that her ascension to the C-suite in the male-dominated tech industry was rare and shouldn’t be.

Her solution? A startup dedicated to advancing gender diversity through executive coaching, one female leader at a time.

Tenshey is pronounced “ten-she,” which means “angels” in Japanese. Maggie credits much of her success to the coaches, mentors and sponsors that gave her the wings to reach for her dreams.

Combining Maggie’s personal experiences as a C-suite executive with a group of hand-picked coaches, Tenshey clients benefit from a unique collection of perspectives and a team that supports them every step of the way.