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One-on-One Executive Coaching


This is the perfect way to kick off a leadership Sponsorship for professionals at any career level. Starting with a manager-alignment discussion, Sprint is designed with measurable goals for personal and professional development in mind.

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This program is designed for leaders looking to strengthen your authentic leadership voice, increase personal brand awareness and build a clear plan of action for development with an executive coach as your trusted thinking partner.

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Executive Sponsorship

Women with a Sponsor are 50% more likely to see themselves as a senior executive. We work with clients to customize Sponsorship programs to accelerate the diversity pipeline through leadership development. 

Virtual Workshops

These virtual workshops will help your team transition to working remotely through constructive conversations, trust building exercises and goal alignment, ensuring a seamless transition and increased employee engagement.

Trust & Confidentiality

Honesty, transparency and trust are the most important factors in the coach-client relationship. The discussions with your Tenshey coach are kept 100% confidential between the two of you. Only when you have agreed to share information such as your career aspirations, development areas and progress would they be shared with the interested parties.