Finding the right executive coach can be a daunting task. There are probably dozens, if not hundreds of them in your city, and choosing the right one for you for can be intimidating. How do you choose?



Before you start your search, you need to be clear on why you want a coach. There’s no wrong answer to that, but your reasons for it need to be solid in your own mind. Are you at a crossroads in your career, and you’re not sure which way to go? Maybe you just got a promotion or a new role, and you’d like to add a coach to your support system. Maybe you’re a new mom getting back into the workplace. Whatever your reasons for looking for a coach, just be crystal clear on them. Once you know exactly why you want a coach, you can start to develop an image of what you’re looking for in a coach.



One of the biggest mistakes people make when looking for a coach is centering their search only on coaches who have mirrored their career journey – the same industry, same roles, even the same personal journey. On the surface it seems like a good idea, but you may be narrowing down way too much to find a match, and worse the best coach for you may have a very different path from yours.  Your coach will be helping you develop your leadership skills, not necessarily your business strategy, which you may be better served with mentors, sponsors and advisors. It doesn’t hurt to work with a coach who has some experience in your industry, but it’s more important to choose a coach who has extensive experience in working with leaders across functions, industries, geography and etc.

When choosing an executive coach, you want to choose someone who can help you reach your vision, someone who can help you unleash your superpowers and help you get clarity and hold you accountable on where you’re going.



The most critical component in your relationship with your coach will be the chemistry you have. Without chemistry, it’s difficult for you to trust the other person, let alone share your vulnerabilities. Before you decide which coach to go with, judge the chemistry. Each coach has their own “coaching language” or you can call it style.  And remember, not having the right chemistry with a coach isn’t indicative of anything other than you don’t “speak the same language”. It doesn’t mean that either of you isn’t a nice person or isn’t smart enough to work with the other. You can be the two best people on Earth, but if the chemistry isn’t right, the relationship will never work.


Once you’ve selected your coach, do you know what to expect? Your coaching journey is dependent on you as much as on your coach. One of the first tasks the two of you should set out to accomplish together is setting your goals and your expectations for the experience. Your coach will hold you accountable to those goals, be your confidante, and support you as you work toward your goals. If this is your first time working with a coach, and you’re not sure what to expect, don’t miss our previous blog post on 15 coaching conversations you can have with your coach.



At Tenshey, we’re committed to helping you do exactly this. We don’t just assign you coach based on who’s up next or who’s available. We talk to you, and get an idea of who you are, where you’re going, and what’s blocking you or slowing you down. Then we choose two of our certified coaches and schedule a chemistry calls with each of them so you can decide which one you think would best align with your vision and your goals. If you’re ready to add a coach to your support system, reach out to us here and let’s get started!