by Mary Burns, Tenshey Executive Coach

While career coaching has been around for over 25 years, many still wonder what a career coach does, how she/he works with a client and what the whole point of coaching is all about. Consider a coach your career partner.  A coach is an advisor and guide who can support your strategic career planning and help you to accomplish near and long term career goals plus help you find that next great role. Your coach is also someone who will help you navigate everyday situations in the office  — many of which may challenge and have the potential to take your career sideways.

To help you keep things on track and avoid career derailment, consider the following coaching topics as valuable opportunities to engage with a coach.  Tenshey’s EXPLORE coaching program is a great place to start!


  1. Prepare for a performance review discussion
  2. How to respond to recruiters who contact you through LinkedIn or other sources
  3. Receive tips and support on being a first time manager.
  4. Learn more about the career discovery process for shifting careers.
  5. Discuss your new manager and how to be most effective with him or her.
  6. Help you stay motivated when you dislike your new manager, reorg of dept/company changes.
  7. How to manage a successful onboarding strategy for a new position and/or firm.
  8. Learn more about advancing your career and navigating your firm for growth and future roles.
  9. Networking: internally and externally; how to build your network + professional associations.
  10. Prepare for an interview; have a mock interview practice session.
  11. Learn about the importance of assessment and reflection on your career path to date.
  12. Compensation discussion; learn about effective negotiations and offer management.
  13. Discuss a new opportunity that has evolved; figure out if it’s the right thing.
  14. Help you develop your near and long term professional goals.
  15. And….conduct a strategic job search.